I hope you have a chance to check out some art and discover a few images you like.  They're probably not going to match your sofa, but if they do, please send me your sofa!  Art is very personal, it can be bold or subtle, large or small, but whatever you're looking for, I hope something here moves you.

I'm a Denver photographer who is happy to travel to all parts of the area to get the right shot. 

Currently I'm obsessed with photographing kids in-studio and outdoors, this is balanced by my hobby of exploring abandoned places.  Food photography is also at the top of my list!

Fun Fact:  I see faces in things everywhere I go, the technical term is, pareidolia.  


Making art is my passion!  I'd love to collaborate and am open to lots of different and unexpected projects. Let's talk.

Select Exhibition & Freelance List

Foodgawker, Images accepted each month from August 2016 - Current

The Vegg, Freelance Photography, November 2016

Clean Food Dirty Girl, Freelance Photographer, July 2016 - Current

EasyJet, Freelance Photographer, January 2016

Eat Your Heart Out, Gallery 23, Alameda, CA, January 2015

Small Works 2014, Prince Gallery, Petaluma CA, Juried by Carlos de Villasante, December 2014

15th National Art Exhibition, Lincoln Center Gallery, Fort Collins CO, Juried by Dean Sobel, March 2006

2005 Greenwood...and Beyond, Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, Centennial CO, Juried by Cinthea Fiss, October 2005

2005 Gateway to the Rockies Art Exhibit, Aurora History Museum,  Aurora CO, Juried by Mark Sink, August 2005

2004 Greenwood...and Beyond, Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, Centennial CO, Juried by Roddie MacInnes, October 2004




“Take a picture, it will last longer!” - Pee-Wee Herman



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