I'm a Denver portrait photographer and I frickin’ love my job!  I’ve been a professional photographer since 2003 when I earned a B.F.A. in Photography, so it’s pretty much all I know. I had brief stints as a nerdy librarian (without the cute glasses) and owning an organic dog treat company, but I still wish I needed cute glasses.

After a few years of navigating the photography world, I found my spirit pulling me toward maternity, newborn, and children’s portraiture. There are few before and after events in your life as enormous as having a baby. OMG! Everything changes. These things should be documented and the world agrees in the form of maternity journals, baby books, belly casts, henna belly art (yep, that’s my belly), baby footprints, and scrapbooking stickers. There are baby keepsake ideas for everything! I’m biased, but I think portraits are the most important.

When my first child was born I didn’t hire a photographer because I’m a photographer and I was going to do it myself...and because control issues.  I had no idea what was in store for me (I was hoping for one of those birth orgasms they mention in birthing books), what I ended up with was a 4th degree tear and an intern who took over the job of stitching me up very poorly.  I was in no state to stand or wield my camera.

What I have from my son’s first week of life are very grainy cell phone images from my old flip phone that won’t even print to 4x6" photos. Sure, bad portraits are a first world problem, though they probably do have better images in developing nations!  These photos make me sad every time I look at them. They remind me of my stupid mistake of not hiring a photographer, of thinking I could do it myself, and assuming that, because I had a birth plan, everything would go swimmingly. Shit happens, now I plan ahead! I don’t want those things to happen to you. None of them!

Being able to take high-quality portraits of new and growing families brings me so much joy!  Knowing these families will always have gorgeous images to hang on their walls, to remember those amazing moments when their kids were small, and reflect on the day their family grew by one…or two…or three.  (Call me if you’re having quadruplets so I can add it to my list!) As your family grows up, the portraits you own will become priceless to your heart.


I’m located in South Denver -- Centennial to be exact -- and I have an ethical and cruelty-free in-home studio. No animal furs, feathers, or products. Yes, I’m vegan, I had to say it because we vegans always say it!

What my studio does have is a great selection of wraps, blankies, backdrops, chairs, stools, and fun props to choose from. I use organic fabrics whenever possible — which means no toxic dyes and who-knows-what-else on your baby’s skin. Studio amenities also include complimentary snacks, organic tea, a selection of chilled beverages, a fully-stocked changing table, and comfy chairs.

 If you prefer to stay off the roads and chill at home, I can travel to you for an in-home lifestyle session. This captures your beautiful home, family pets, and your family- nice and relaxed - in their natural environment.


I’m located conveniently near Peabody Elementary, Newton Middle, (the soon-to-be former) Village at Ames, and Aspen Academy.  There’s plenty of on-street parking (with no street sweeping days, so don’t worry if it’s the second Tuesday or third Thursday of the month!).  You’re also welcome to pull your car into my driveway - the cops can’t get you for expired plates if you’re off the street.


Mini-sessions start at $149, Fresh 48’s at $249, and full-sessions start at $575. Please email for pricing details and availability. I sincerely look forward to creating portraits you will treasure for a lifetime.

 Contact me with ANY questions and let’s get your next session on the books.

Education & Memberships

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography & Art History

American Photographic Artists

Professional Photographers of America


“The best thing about a picture is it never changes, even when the people in it do."

-Andy Warhol

Thank you for supporting a small business!