Food Services

Food Photography services for farmers, producers, bloggers, chefs, and restauranteurs - but only if it's vegan :)

Based in Denver, Colorado but delighted to work remotely.

Plant Based Hot & Sour Soup.

Plant Based Hot & Sour Soup.

Chili Spiked Lime Tortilla Chips with Queso.

Chili Spiked Lime Tortilla Chips with Queso.

If you have a vegan restaurant, food blog, or food product and you'd like to get a series of professional photos, I would love to help.  Please look at my Food Gallery page to see my current work and what possibilities await for your delicious products.

I am a long-time vegan, former vegan food blogger, and believer in the eye leading the buyer; we shop and eat with our eyes.  Photographs sell the food, the recipe, the book, and the blog.  

I am experienced with all of the uniquely vegan and plant based ingredients and I have two in-house studio spaces to photograph food with both natural light and studio lighting.  Your images will be taken with a professional DLSR, post-processed with Lightroom and Photoshop, and delivered via Dropbox. 

I have a Fine Arts degree in Photography, and while I wasn't a foodie at the time, I was immediately drawn to photographing food a la Edward Weston.  After university I started my own business making organic dog treats, though that wasn't a wild success, I had the best product shots of anyone in the Denver farmers' market scene.  It took me a while to clearly see where my passions lay, but creating a vignette of the process of cooking or a shot of serving a delicious meal is what truly excites me.

Please email me to see my pricing PDF and get more details.


Tofu Ricotta with sprouted grain toast.

Tofu Ricotta with sprouted grain toast.




Molly Patrick of Clean Food Dirty Girl

Molly Patrick Photo.png

"I started my plant based food blog / online business in 2014. 

I loved taking pictures of my recipes, but by 2016 I was so busy keeping up with my offerings, creating blog content, developing recipes, replying to customer emails, working on website updates, posting to social media, etc.. that there were not enough hours in the day to do my own photography anymore. 

This was a task that was hard for me to let go of because I'm really particular about my food photography and I needed a photographer who was familiar with plant based ingredients and recipes. I was so happy when I found Christine. Not only is she knowledgable about plant based ingredients and recipes but her photography JUMPS out from the screen and inspires anyone who sees it to give it a try. After her first shoot for me, I felt good about handing over this task and having one less thing on my to do list that was taking up a TON of my time. By having her do my photography I could spend more time monetizing my business and serving my community. My recipes with her photography always got into the food porn sites, including Food Gawker, which is can be tricky to get into. This brought more traffic to my site, looking for yummy plant based recipes. 

Do yourself a HUGE favor and have Christine do your photography, you won't regret it!"

-Molly Patrick - Clean Food Dirty Girl